Here is a list of useful blogs related to music, liturgy and catechesis. Add your suggestion to this list!


pray-as-you-go: This podcast brings together reflective music, a passage of scripture from the daily readings, and a few questions for personal reflection and meditation in a 10-12 minute Lectio Divina prayer session Monday to Friday each week. Lectio Divina is a method of prayer that draws you to listen to, reflect on and pray the Word of God.. Produced by Jesuit Media Initiatives (UK).


taize: This podcast brings together prayer, scripture reading and the Taize chants for a weekly 10-12 minute Taize prayer session. It is recorded at the Taize monastery in France a few days prior to release. Produced by the Taize community (France).


spirit and song: This weekly podcast is a helpful preparation for Sunday Mass, featuring contemporary music and reflections based on the Sunday readings and prayers. Produced by Oregon Catholic Press (USA).


open your hymnal: Open Your Hymnal from Matt Reichert and Zack Stachowski highlights liturgical musicians and text writers and their works.


ministry mondays: Matt also hosts Ministry Mondays from National Pastoral Musicians in the US - this has some great stuff!


David Haas Webinars: David Haas also has a collection of some of his interviews/podcasts here.


GIA podcasts: GIA offers a series of podcasts on liturgical music here. There is one by Richard Proulx on Church acoustics, and a couple about David Haas' life as a liturgical musician and composer.


McGrath Centre: Tim O'Malley also has some resources at the McGrath Centre that are worth investigating.


Anthony Ruff OSB: One of a series of 4 youTube's by Anthony Ruff OSB.




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