Thursday Keynote -

David Haas

Gaudete! Sing for Joy


At the heart all ministry, is the "mandatum (command)" that invites us all to lace everything we do, all that we are, and all that we believe - with the fabric of rejoicing.  For ministers of sung prayer - this is central; this is the song that we sing, this is the "faith of the Church."  Let us explore, examine, strategize, and renew our hearts and talents to be this presence with the unique and most precious ministry of liturgical music.


Friday Keynote -

Professor Clare Johnson

So Let Us All with One Accord:  Music as Ecclesial Glue.


Music acts as a special type of ‘ecclesial glue’ within the liturgical assembly, generating communal bonds which facilitate the glorification of God and the sanctification of the faithful. How the diverse members of the assembly become unified through full, conscious and active participation in the performance of good liturgical music, and by what methods this unification can occur, will be explored in this address. How does music function as ecclesial glue? How is our faith nourished and strengthened by the bonds music creates? What is it about music that enables our hearts to be filled with the Spirit?


Saturday Keynote -

David Haas

How Different Are We? The Blessed Unity of our Sung Prayer


More and more, we are trying to grapple with the many different tastes that people hold when it comes to music and liturgy; the rising cultural and musical diversity that makes up both the beauty and the challenge of our global Church.  How are we "one in Christ?" when there is so much diversity and so many different spiritualities in our music, our worship, and in what we believe?  How does liturgical music help to bring us together, so that we can truly, "put on Christ" and be that light to the world?


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Plenary Workshops


Thursday Plenary Workshop -

David Haas

When We Are Weak, We Are Strong: Praying and Singing the Mystery of Suffering


At the heart of our song, is the mystery of suffering and brokenness - this is what we call "the paschal mystery."  During this session we will sing, pray and explore repertoire that digs deep into this mystery of being human, and how throughout the liturgical year and in celebrating the sacraments, we sing "Christ crucified," and "Christ risen" in the music that we choose and lead in worship.


Saturday Plenary Workshop -

David Haas

That You Might Have Life: Spirituality and the Call to Holiness for Pastoral Musicians


As liturgical musicians, we too often get caught up in the many tasks and responsibilities of our pastoral work, and as important as these things are - we need to nurture ourselves in our prayer life and our spiritual walk.  During this session we will examine 12 spiritual practices that can help us all grow in our faith life, and thus, more effectively centre ourselves into the message and mission of liturgical music.

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