Annual Membership Subscription Fees

Membership is maintained through the annual payment of Annual Membership Subscription fees. These fees are decided by the committee from time to time. Current annual subscription rates are detailed on the member subscription page.


Subscription rates are set to cover costs of the Association's day-to-day operations including website, database and subscription management, e-Newsletter publication, communications, monthly executive committee teleconferences, annual general meeting logistics, planning and preparations for the bi-annual conference, marketing and media promotion, conference discounts, other member benefits, as well as general business expenses.


To simplify accounting and operations, subscription fees are paid using credit card. Contact the Secretary if you require a different payment method.


Subscription renewals will normally be advised by emailing you an invoice 14 days prior to the due date. If you do nothing your annual membership subscription will be automatically direct debited from your nominated credit card on the annual anniversary of the prior year subscription payment. If your credit card has changed since the previous year you will need to reset your credit card details by manually renewing your annual subscription on the member subscription page. To maintain continuity of your membership, please use the same email as your previous membership subscription. This email address is your usercode. If your email has changed, please notify us of the change prior to renewing your subscription.


Renewal Notices will be sent manually where there is no credit card nominated for subscriptions.


Non-payment by a member of his or her annual subscription within three months of the date indicated in a Renewal Notice shall constitute termination of membership, unless the committee decides otherwise.


If you have any questions about membership, please contact us.

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Membership Subscription Payment

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Donations to the Scholarships Fund

In addition to paying annual membership subscription fees that provide general support to the operation of the Association, you are invited to make an additional donation to support the specific work of the APMN in providing scholarships to young pastoral musicians.


Each membership subscription category includes options to provide an additional donation towards the Scholarships Fund.


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