The Australian Pastoral Musicians Network, Inc., is managed exclusively by a Committee of Management consisting of:


the Chairperson;

the Vice-Chairperson;

the Secretary;

the Treasurer; and

not less than three other persons, all of whom must be members of the Association.


The current APMN executive committee was elected at the Annual General Meeting in October 2015 and re-elected in October 2016. It comprises:


Patricia Calabro (Wollongong)

Susan Crowe (Ballarat)

Anne Field (Wollongong)

Angela Gorman (Perth) (Vice Chairperson)

Robert Hennessy (Melbourne) (Treasurer)

Shane Hyland (Broken Bay) (Secretary)

Lawrie Knott (Brisbane)

Michael Mangan (Brisbane) (Chairperson)

Paul Mason (Wollongong)

Josie Ryan (Sydney)

Damian Whelan (Melbourne)


Operations Management

The APMN's day-to-day operations are carried out on a volunteer basis. In addition to the work of the executive officers, the APMN provides its members with a range of event and networking benefits as follows:

Anne Field is our Newsletter Editor,
Paul Mason is our Website Editor,
Angela Gorman is our National Conference Convenor and Blog Editor,
Josie Ryan is our Facebook Editor and
Patricia Calabro is our Scholarships Ptogram Manager.


Liaison with the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference

The APMN works closely with the Australian Catholic Church, especially through the National Liturgical Council (NLC) and the National Liturgical Music Board (NLMB) of the Australian Catholic Bishops' Conference. Each organisation is invited to send a liaison officer to attend Executive Committee meetings.

Sophy Morley is the current NLC liaison officer, and Paul Mason is the current NLMB liaison officer.


Public Officer

The registered Public Officer for the Australian Pastoral Musicians Network, Inc., is Angela Gorman (nee Bendotti).

Our Executive

Annual General Meetings

Annual General Meetings (AGM) are held within four months of the end of the financial year (30 June).


The 2016 AGM is on Saturday 15 October. See the initial notice of the meeting for further details.


Nominations are invited for election to the Executive Committee using the Nomination Form.

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